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Eagle Atlas Consulting

Bring your goals to reality

Productivity Training for Businesses and Individuals
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Life is too short to not get where you want to be.

End procrastination, confusion, time wasting. Don’t set another goal without ever achieving it.

It’s time to bring your goals into reality 

For Businesses

Sales & Marketing training for your team. Mindset Development, Strategy/Concept planning and consulting.

For Individuals

Goal Setting and Productivity Training to learn how to manage distractions and eradicate negativity. Set your goals right and Get It Done!

The Blueprint – your visual roadmap to achieving your goals

The Blueprint allows you to clearly define your goals and identify the exact steps you must take in order to achieve them. It also serves as a constant reminder to keep you motivated and on target without letting distractions get in your way.

The process of mapping out your Blueprint organizes your thoughts and identifies all the necessary actions you must take to achieve success. Once it’s completed, your mind is free to focus on achieving your written actions, instead of just trying to keep up with them.

Stay you motivated and on track. Do not let distractions keep you from reaching your maximum potential.

The Blueprint will work for any individual or business.

What The Blueprint can do for you


Define your goals

Get clear on what you want to achieve

Identify the steps

Map out the exact steps to get you there.

Stay motivated and on target

Do not let distractions get in the way.

“I have used The Blueprint with my ideas and it has transformed my life and my company in the right direction. Finally!”

Roger L.

The Team

Our team of experts has knowledge and resources needed to help you achieve your goals.

Dusty L. Walker

Dusty L. Walker

Vision and Strategy Specialist (CEO)

Joseph Lizyness

Joseph Lizyness

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Let's Get It Done

Don’t let another day go by. We can help you reach your goals. Contact us and let’s talk.